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Fast-track your students in a single day!

the Unity® software student masterclass is a 4 hour hands-on workshop which will fast-track your students coding skills in a single day. Students will learn valuable coding and game design concepts which can be combined to create commercial quality projects. Discover why the Unity® software is the world's most popular game engine.

At the workshop, students will learn how to create their own commercial-quality virtual world with terrain, ocean, and sky with trees and grass blowing in the wind. They can then explore their own virtual worlds with a character, car or plane.


All participants will learn to write code to move objects and use the keyboard to apply forces to physics-based objects. The Student Masterclass will take students through the absolute basics, essential coding concepts and artificial intelligence with absolutely no experience required. Students will also learn how to write code to create spawnpoints, detect collisions, add keyboard or joystick controls and other skills needed to create their ultimate game.

Unity® will change the way your students learn to write code by engaging them in a way that no other coding environment can offer.


The cost is $90+GST per student


Example Schedule:


10:00 am - Introduction and a short presentation

10:30 am - Students create a commercial quality 3D World

11:00 am - Import a Character Controller to explore the world

11:15 am - Import a car or buggy to explore the 3D World

11:30 am - Import a plane to fly around the 3D World


12:00 pm - Lunch/Break


1:00 pm - Create a new project and create a simple code writing scene

1:15 pm - Open a C# script and edit code to move an object and experiment with variables

1:30 pm - Create a physics-based object and create a new C# script to apply forces

1:45 pm - Edit script to utilise the Input Manager to apply forces using the keyboard arrow keys

2:00 pm - Create a C# script and create a spawnpoint spawning multiple cubes

2:15 pm - Control the spawn rate using C# programming techniques

2:30 pm - Create a new C# script and create characters which interact with the player using simple AI.

2:55 pm - Build game as Mac or Windows application

3:00 pm - Finish


This workshop is perfect for all students from years 5 to 12.

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