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Unity® Software

Installation + Activation

Please contact us on 0402268066 when you are ready to commence the installation or activation process. We are happy to walk you or your IT colleague through the process over the phone or via an online meeting.

If you are using a version of Unity above 2019.4.*, here is a link to updated Standard Assets containing, characters, cars, planes and sample scenes. Use the Assets Menu and choose Import Package > Custom Package.

Download Unity®


Due to stability and compatibility between school computers and students home computers or BYOD, we recommend all students and schools install Unity® Long Term Support (LTS) version: 2022.3.7f1.

Launch the Download Assistant to install Unity® LTS Release 2022.3.7f1 and Microsoft Visual Studio and/or Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

Create a Unity® ID

You will need to create a Unity account which will be used during the activation process.

Visit the Create A Unity Account page at:

• You will need to confirm your email address as part of the account creation process.
• Your Unity® ID should not be given to students.

Manual Activation

The first time you launch the Unity® application you will be prompted to activate the software by entering a Unity® username and password.

If you are activating from within the DET network, the connection may be blocked due to DET Proxy restrictions. If Unity® is unable to connect to the License Server, the activation process may hang or show a connection error. This means you will need to complete a manual activation.

Please follow these steps to complete a Manual Activation:

1) Quit Unity®

2) Disable the internet by either removing the ethernet cable from a desktop computer or turning off WIFI form a laptop

3) Launch Unity®

4) Click Manual Activation

5) Click Save License and save the file to your desktop


7) Reconnect the computer to the internet

8) Visit and upload the file you saved in step 5

9) You may be prompted to log in using your Unity® username and password

10) Download the new license file

11) Return to the Unity® software and click Load License

12) Choose the new file saved in step 10

More info at:



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