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Creating a Unity® Project


This experiment will teach you how to create a new Unity project, about the Unity Project folder structure, moving a project between computers, advice on backing up and importing files.

In the image above you can see the project folder is called Experiments and it contains an Assets and Library folder. You would need to copy the entire Experiments folder onto a USB to take it home or move it to another computer.

A Unity project is not a single file, it is an entire folder structure containing essential files and subfolders.

It is important that you understand the layout of the Unity folder structure before you start working on your first project.

Moving a Project Between Computers


A Unity project is a folder full of essential files and sub folders. To move a project from one computer to another or take a project home, you need to copy the entire project folder onto a USB or upload it to a cloud service such as Google Drive. It’s easy to identify a Unity project folder as it contains an Assets and Library folder.

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